Monday, February 14, 2011

How do I love thee

I love these bums. For some strange reason.
Even though they are completely insane.

This is the whole gang, enjoying pizza last year at a demolition derby. Nothing brings a family together like wanton wholesale destruction.

Here's my little Eclaire. She is scrumptious and adorable. And always good for a laugh.

Hubby and Luke Sywalker -- these two are peas in a pod. Both sweet and sincere, and each would give you the shirt off his back should the need arise. I don't think they realize how alike they are and how much I love them both.

The Screamapillar. With her infectious grin. She thinks everything is awesome. Everything. And she makes you think it is awesome too.

Thing Two. He's making my life pretty miserable right now, with all the "I'm a grown up and you are an idiot" stuff going on (hence the lack of joy and funny blog posts lately). But I love him. Even if the thinks I don't. Please? Hurry up and get past this miserable stage so I can have my sweet boy back? 'Cause you're really a lot of fun when you are not being a total turd. Thank you.

Thing One. It all began with her. She is sweetness and light. When she is not sourness and darkness (it all hinges on how much sleep she has gotten lately - mostly sweetness and light). You grew up WAY too fast. Seriously.

Yep. Forever family. Whether they like it or not.

Mostly they like it. Life is sweet.

Happy Valentines Day. Go hug the ones you love.

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Aubrey said...

I loved this. I like all the good/funny memories I have of all of you. Especially watching Jacob and listening to him be able to recite every toddler show he had watched more than once. Yep...another smart one in our midst. Love you all. And we still need to go out for our birthdays. Call me :) word verification is ingsanne!