Monday, January 24, 2011

A challenge for you:

I hate my entry. Really I do.

You see, we have the typical "Utah split-entry" in our home. It almost kept me from buying it. But the house was a steal, and a fixer, and had the most enormous family room! And we have an enormous family. So we bought it anyway.

I have for months been looking for some way to cope with my hated split-entry, searching the internet for ideas to remodel and enlarge it, improve it or decorate it or SOMETHING so I don't hate it so much.

So now I am asking for your help. If you have a split entry, or have seen one that is significantly less repulsive than mine, tell me about it! Or send me an email! or take a picture and post it to your blog so I can see it!

Are you up the challenge?


Whadda ya got, friends?

1 comment:

Shelby said...

Two ways I've seen done that work are these:

Have an extremely small entry. Like, teeny tiny. You don't see it as a 'room' but more as part of a hallway.

Have a humongous entry. Like, mudroom.. Benches, coat racks... a closet? Electronics charging hub. It turns it into a launch pad instead of a place you just walk through.


PS: Your blog is hilarious! :)