Saturday, January 1, 2011


It's that time of year again, time to make spectacular goals and then fail when it comes time to reach them. Since they're not gettin' done anyway, lets make them great!

This year I resolve to:

Keep my house completely clean every single day.(Stop laughing, right now.Yes, I know that this will not happen until everyone moves out, including me.)

Lose all that extra weight and get back to a size nine (The last thing that I wore that was a size nine was my wedding dress. 22 years ago. And we're dreaming here, so anything is possible!)

Get organized - have a place for everything and everything in it's place (Actually, I have half-acheived this -- I do have a place for everything. But everything is not it it's place - it's mostly in something else's place, or on the floor. This allows for easier access, right?)

Be on time to sporting events, concerts, and everything that starts at a specified time. (Of course to reach this goal, I may have to leave behind the athelete or performer I am going to see at the specified event, but the important thing is to be on time, right?)

Spend less time on Facebook. (Yeah, right. Getting right on that after I finish this game of Scramble. I'm trying to beat Melissa's high score, okay?)

Park my car in the garage again. (I think the garage is that big giant room with the really big door currently being used as a storage unit for stuff that's not mine...)

Inherit a million dollars. (From whom, I have no idea. I don't know anybody with a million dollars. But wouldn't it be ideal to inherit it from someone I do not know, who lived a really full life and was happy to die and leave me the million dollars? Yep. Ideal. Then I could buy Thing One some snow tires or chains for the Iceberg On Wheels.)

Be glamorous and stylish and perfect in every way. (Oh wait, I already AM!)

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