Friday, January 28, 2011

Where did all the colors go?

January is horrible. It's winter and everything outside is white and encased in snow and/or ice. The Christmas decor has come down, and there is no color to be seen anywhere. And don't forget that it is very cold. Quite depressing.

It kind of gets dangerous to live with me around this time every year. I start getting ideas. For renovations. And painting. And redecorating and crafts. And sewing. And future gardening. And if you live in my house and are in danger of becoming a slave to my whims, now is the time to go hide under your bed.

Here's what is potentially on tap:

Entry way renovation: we need solutions, people. More coathooks (or less coats). Someplace for boots and shoes that is far more attractive than the "rustic" shelf currently in use. Replace the hideous and vile wooden parquet flooring with easy to clean ceramic tile. My front door in unforgiveably repugnant and in need of painting. Repairs to a couple small holes in the walls made by a teenage boy who doesn't understand physics as it relates to drywall and knowing your own strength.

Upstairs bathroom: re-priming doors and cabinets and repainting. I refuse to give up my bathroom crab, so while a slight change in color is likely, change in decor is out of the question. If I can find a jetted jacuzzi tub for under $100 I might consider that upgrade....pretty (un)likely right?

My bedroom: re-paint, re-curtain, re-quilt. The only thing that's staying is the husband.

In order to avoid poor choices in paint color in my desperation to enliven my drab existence, I will seek chromatic comfort in my crafts and sewing.
And there are a few new things I would like to try:

I've already started on these lovely faux vintage glass jars, but haven't quite finished yet:

I've seen these in a few places out there on the web, but Kristen's easy tutorial at Bridal Buzz is a good one. Let's hope mine finish up as good as hers, I'll be baking them tonite.

And these faux chenille blankets look adorable and very soft, I'd like to try this also:

This was made by Anneliese at Aesthetic Nest, you should check it out. I must warn you not to start this unless you are willing to sacrifice a significant amount of time to the project, it's a killer.

There are many more possible projects like, fix the fence, repaint the deck, move and rebuild the planting boxes, fix up the "doll house" in the backyard, rip out the stair carpet and paint them instead, plant the vegetable garden, weed the firepit, fix the swingset, repaint my kitchen hutch, paint the shutters, make new curtains, repaint the kitchen cabinets, tote that barge and lift that bale.

Now. The real question. Will this procrastinating lazy blogger actually accomplish anything? You'll be the first to know (well, first after the children/slaves who will very soon be dragged kicking and screaming out from under thier respective beds....).

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courtneyb said...

I love doing stuff like that because I love the satisfaction of the finished project. Let me know when you start something I would love to come help and get it finished!