Friday, January 14, 2011

Deep and Meanginful relationships.

Today is Whit & Aussie Boy's big day. Gettin' hitched.
We did bridal photos a couple weeks ago. In the FREEZING COLD.
Whit's running on adrenaline here, and isn't cold one bit.

Well, maybe just a little. Going to pick up some Hot Hands on my way to Salt Lake this morning. To keep them warm while taking more photos today. It snowed last night, lovely fresh powder to cover up the yucky looking old snow that's still hanging about.

And speaking of grunge, I've been playing around in PhotoShop with "Grunge filters."
They're kinda awesome: 

We're going to have a fun day!

AND.....Speaking of "meaningful relationships," Eclair has a new boyfriend.

A WONDERFUL family with five kids has moved in next door. 

We traded:
 fistfights at the bus stop for a little boy who comes by to "pick up" Eclair every morning.

Twin teenage bullies for a video game playing buddy.

Complete and total disregard for snow removal for a neighbor-husband who shovels my walk
 so early that I'm not awake to hear him doing it.

Sharing beer cans and other refuse by leaving it on my lawn for 
"here are some hot rolls fresh out of the oven!"


I could get used to this.

Last night the phone rang. It was Mrs. Lovely Neighbor.

"Hi! Hey, I just wanted to ask you about this: Eclair gave Ralphie an alarm clock. I asked her if you knew about this, and she said 'Yes, but don't tell my mom.' That's kinda a flag for 'maybe I don't really have permission,' so I though I'd better ask."

(The last neighbor's kids stole our Halloween pumpkins before they moved. 
And their mother never batted an eyelash. 
Mrs. Lovely Neighbor is worried about something Eclair 
tried to GIVE to her. I think I love these people.)

"Is it a white alarm clock?"

Answer affirmative.

"Actually that's mine."

The root here is that Mrs. Lovely Neighbor overslept one day last week, and Ralphie missed the bus. She drove him to school, but apparently Eclair was so alarmed that the newest love of her life wasn't at the bus stop, that she needed to ensure that it would NEVER happen again.


Junior and Marissa Shum said...

haha, thats a great story. I'm so excited to meet this family. Also sad 'm missing the wedding today!

Nemmer said...

Oh, Jeremy will be devestated. Or maybe not. I think sometimes he only claims to want to marry her because she has already asked him, and he feels obligated. Heehee.

That's totally adorable, and I'm glad they are such a nice fit. :)

Julie said...

Jen: For the record, Claire is currently going to marry Jeremy, Tyler, Victor AND Ammon. What is polygamy called when it's a girl marrying too many guys?