Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Moving out

Major changes happened at our house 'bout ten days ago. Thing Two and El Guapo did a swap. Thing Two moved out into El Guapo's bachelor pad, and El Guapo moved in with us until the wedding. This is a real win-win, as Thing Two wanted out and El Guapo is desperately trying to save money before the wedding.

Here's Thing Two in the new place:

Isn't it nice how he poses all sweet anytime I want to take his pitcher? Well, do notice the necessary items that make this a bachelor pad. Can you find all these items in the photo above?

- disco ball
- pirate flag (partially hung)
- dart board
- mismatched furniture
- bongo drums
- movie posters
- musical group posters
- Wurlitzer organ

I didn't take any photos of the kitchen or bathroom because I was afraid.
It's funny how things change. This young man, who couldn't bear sharing a good size bedroom with his little brother now shares a bitty little room with a stranger.

And suddenly, I'm not such an idiot! He asks me thought provoking questions like "How long do you think a jar of peanut butter should last me?" when a month ago, he wouldn't have trusted me to put my shoes on correctly on my own.

Change is (sometimes) good.

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