Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break Top Ten

Spring Break is here. What were my first clues?

10. All the cereal is gone and we're going through more than a gallon of milk a day.

9. There are empty Kool-aid packets everywhere and the handle to refrigerator is treacherously sticky.

8. There are more pillow and blankets in front of the tv than in the bedrooms.

7. There is not a clean dish to be found. But dirty dishes are EVERYWHERE.

6. The tic in my left eye brought on by lack of sleep has temporarily disappeared. I expect it will return next week when I start driving the Screamapillar to early morning seminary again.

5. Bickering has reached a crisis point.

4. My chocolate stash has been discovered and consumed.

3. The phrase "I'm bored." has been used at least 56,723 times just today.

2.  I receive random text messages during my brief time at work asking "where's the remote?" and "what's the new password on the computer?" and "WHEN ARE YOU COMING HOME?" The answers to these questions are, respectively: "in my purse, go read a book instead" and "why do you think I changed it? have you practiced your clarinet today?" and "Srsly, NEVER."

1. I'm really, REALLY looking forward to summer vacation now. Not.

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