Monday, April 11, 2011

What were YOU thinking?

Okay. If you have a blog or are even remotely familiar with blogger you probably know about your stats. No? well you should. It's the place on your dashboard where you can find out really valuable information. Like how many people stopped reading your blog because you're a loser (meaning me, the loser).

Stats is where I go to see where in the world you are, people reading my blog. And how you got here. Did you click a link on Facebook? Are you a follower (my absolute favorite - I get absurdly happy when that number goes up, and cry in a closet when someone leaves me...)  or get notifications through Google reader whenever I get my act together and post? Did you click a link from your own blog, or a friend's blog? Did you see a post linked up from some random craft I posted out there on the interwebs?

Or did you search for me? Did you really miss me so much that you tried to find me using Google? Or Dogpile? Or whatever?

Did you know that I can see the words you used to search for my blog?

Well I can.

And whoever found me using the key words "chicken leg ficus plant," you've really got me concerned about your mental health. You worry almost as much as whoever used "a picture of a cricket getting burned by a flashlight."  Eeww. Srsly?

What is a "chicken leg ficus plant" anyway? And why would you look for one? On purpose? As for the cricket hater, I can't imagine how that combination of words brought you here.

But I hope you both stopped to read a little, and forgot about the search that brought you here. Because nobody should be out there trying to burn a poor innocent cricket with a flashlight anyway.

1 comment:

Andrea said...

I almost searched your blog today, cause I needed a good laugh...I wish I knew such interesting search terms could get me here. Though, as random as your posts sometimes are, I don't wonder at such things for long.
At any rate, I got the link off facebook, and came here.
And got a good laugh.
Thank you.