Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Conversation with Eclair

She missed the bus this morning. Some days, I'd rather drive them than rush them out the door unprepared. Luke Skywalker missed the bus for the same reason today, but that's a blog post for another day.

As we were driving the Eclair to school, we caught up with the bus. It was right in front of us. And the following is a transcript of the resulting conversation:

Eclair: "Hey! That's my bus! Number 15!"

Mom: "Yes, I noticed."

E: "My bus driver is a really good driver. She's not an idiot (can you tell what word mommy uses most on the road?)."

M: (trying to anticipate the buses' route) "Will she go through the round-about, or does she turn left before it to get to your school?"

E: "She says it's against the law for the bus to go through the round-about. So we can't do that anymore. She's gonna turn left."

***bus turns on left turn signal, starts to make left hand turn - mommy tries to pass the bus on the right hand side only to have the bus swerve back, cancelling the left turn signal and cutting us off***

E: "Oh! Sorry, Mom! She's usually a really good driver! She must be really tired this morning."

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