Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We found THE DRESS!

After much looking and seeking and trying on and frustration and trying to make it all work, we found The Dress. It is verily wonderful and cannot be shown quite yet because we're keeping it a  secret   from the groom.

Lovely Felicity has very nearly taken up residence in our home, it's like getting a new daughter. One who actually listens to me and doesn't talk back, by the way...

And the wedding plans continue to grow and flourish. Unlike my garden which languishes due to the horrible weather we have been having. My dining room table is buried under piles of wedding invitations in various states of completion. We had our Mother's Day dinner in the living room because no one wanted to disrupt the process. Hopefully they will be mailed shortly and people can start messing up the table again.

Here's what's left on my checklist:

 - Making minor alterations to Felicity's wedding dress and adding a French train (and keeping El Guapo from getting a peek at the dress).

 - Making some sort of whimsical floral peice for her lovely naturally curly hair (also hidden from El Guapo).

 - Making a flower girl dress for Eclair (El Guapo can see this, Eclair doesn't care).

 - Helping the nearlyweds to acquire household goods and fill up my newly cleaned out garage with more stuff that doesn't belong to me.

 - Taking lots of wedding and bridal pictures for a couple of different lovely young ladies over the next few weeks.

 - And planning a brief vacation to my hometown in California for the wedding.

It makes me very thankful that I don't have to plan the reception!

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Okay, I can't resist.

I have to .

Really I do.

I HAVE to post a photo.

We did a real short bridal session.

On Sunday, before the tulips all perished.

Of Felicity in her dress!

It's a LOVELY dress!


I must share it!

Don't tell El Guapo.

If he's nearby, tell him you're doing a Google Image search on toenail fungus so he won't want to look.


(You should open another tab with pictures of toenail fungus just in case.)

Are you  ready?

Are you in an "El Guapo Free" zone?

Here it is:

Don't you just LOVE IT!

(So there, El Guapo. That's what you get for sneaking a look at your beloved's dress on your aunt's blog. El Guapo tried to sneak a look. So we had to hide it fast. By throwing a petticoat over it. I think it works, how 'bout you?)

So here's a real sneak peek -- our beautiful bride to be, with the dress artfully hidden from view:


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