Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Puberty stinks.


Luke Skywalker has been thirteen for a little while now, but he's the runt of our litter so he's still pretty short. That's how he was able to get away with the vending machine begging and all...

Anyway, so as a young boy grows and matures, he starts to shall we say this? An odor.

I've asked Hubby to review with the boy the whole "personal hygiene" thing, but as he has no interest in grils yet, he is unconcerned that his odor might be considered.....repellant.

Yesterday, everyone was running late. And as I said in that post, I'd rather they be prepared and miss the bus, than that they go to school smelly and without their homework. I asked Luke Skywalker if he had gotten up early enough to get a shower. His reply?

"No, but I put on deodorant."

Son, I don't think you understand.

Deodorant does not remove odor, it keeps it from happening in the first place.

I rolled my eyes at Hubby and asked that he try again to explain hygeine to the boy.

Here is Hubby's report to me on what occured:

After preventing several attempts by my son to escape from the shower this morning and in attempt to emphasize the importance of keeping friends and family happy through good personal cleanliness I fell back on an historical example. "You know the Mongolian Horde rarely bathed. They conquered most of Asia and half of Europe by merely riding upwind of their enemies. True story."

So my question now is: Hubby, were you wanting him to go out an conquer the world? or take a shower?

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