Sunday, December 23, 2012

Almost Christmas...

We can measure it in hours now, the Christmas that is coming. Tonite we finished up our Christmas shopping at the church Distribution store, I wished we had started there instead, it might have set a better tone to the Christmas giving season.

I also remembered something I had forgotten to post. Shortly after Thing One married her hot Latin guy, we got to attend a wedding as guests. The post on that very fun day cannot be done until I do my own daughter's wedding justice. Doing Thing One's wedding post was much delayed by the fact that I wasn't the one taking all the photos, I was at the mercy of others and got the photos right when I started up sewing for the big musical production....but I digress. I promise lots of wedding posts next month, in January, when I hope to have some time on my hands.

Today, Alex and Erica.

Theirs was a blending of families and faiths. Alex grew up back East, raised in a devout Jewish family. He later joined the LDS faith, and became a good friend of Hubby's.

We were honored to be invited to the sealing and reception, the day was very joyful, both families very accepting of the choice the two made to be wed.

I remembered this today, because Alex has been up to some pretty great stuff. He was cast as Joseph in the Church's recent productions of stories of the Savior for the Mormon Channel. His is a small, but very important role. He finished up filming just in time to shave the "Joseph" beard in time for the wedding!

Please, enjoy this WONDERFUL video, and check back again for a few more as we welcome Christmas this year.

Merry Christmas!

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