Sunday, December 30, 2012

Conversations with Eclair...and Screamapillar

Eclair comes into the kitchen, one hand cupped over the other, shaking something. Screamapillar and I are preparing the monthly Lasagne Feast.

Eclaire: Guess the number of  dice, Katie!

Screamapillar: Two hundred and six

E: Nope.

S: Two hundred and four

E: that's way too high!

S: Two hundred

E: NO!! It's between one and six.

S: Nine.

E: Still too high, Katie. Guess lower.

S: Negative Three

E: Almost! Just not the negative.

S: Seven

E: NO!! Okay, I'll make it easier. It's between two and four

S: Four

E: NO!! BETWEEN two and four

S: Two

Mom: I'm sorry Claire, she's just not very smart.

E: Katie, guess right!

S: Three and a half.

E: *Exasperated sigh* Okay, I guess that's close enough.
(leaves the room in a huff)

S: THAT WAS FUN!!!! Let's do it again.

E: NO WAY!! I thought you were going to take FOREVER!!!!

Makes you want to run right over here and play games with us, don't it?

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