Thursday, December 13, 2012

Whoovian shoes

When Screamapillar was in Prom court last year.....

We made some awesome shoes for her to wear. We would have made the same shoes regardless of prom court, it was just a bonus that so many people got to enjoy them.

Nerdiness runs in the family, it cannot be helped.

The idea was Screamapillar's. The sketch was done by Thing One. The execution was done my Momma.

they are awesome from every angle

Thanks to Momma's mad skillz, her date's boutonniere looked pretty boss also. I used feathers...lots of feathers....

Here's the step by step: 
1. Use sharp scissors to trim away fluff from the spine of the feather, also trim for shaping.
2. for "curled" feathers shown at center above I trimmed the feathers into a very long an narrow shape, then open the scissors and draw the blade up the inside spine of the feather, much like curling gift-wrap ribbon. This may need to be repeated to get desired curl.
3. Wrap each feather with floral tape; put two together and wrap again, wrap each time you add a feather.
4. You could be finished here, or you could draw a TARDIS on some blue fun foam using paint markers and then hot glue it to the feathers......

But you have to have a very awesome date who would wear such a thing: 

So that's it. How to Who-ify your prom.


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