Friday, December 21, 2012

dear departed doggie

Things have been super hectic lately with all the activities the kids and I are involved in, but I did really need to post about a recent loss we had.

You may remember this header from a while back:

or this one:

Both starring our very awesome dog, Misty. She's been with us a LONG time.

Thing one is twelve in this photo. Hard to tell, I know, because she's still that short today as a married grown-up person....

That's a four-year-old Eclair sharing oatmeal with our doggie. This child doesn't remember a time when Misty wasn't part of our family.

Each winter has been getting harder for her, sometimes she could barely climb the stairs. Then the weather would warm up and she would be her old self again. Her coat went from a caramel brown to a light blonde over the years. This last summer, she really started going downhill, escalated by an injury to her neck and spine in July. The second week of November, she made it known to us that she was ready to go. It's been really hard on us all, she was our first dog ever, and was a larger part of our lives than we suspected until she was gone.

Trying to put together the photoshopped wonder that was our 2010 Christmas card was harder than it looked... Misty was a dog of perpetual motion and great strength. If she had been in the room at the same time as the cats, there wouldn't have been any cats left afterward.

So two separate photos were taken, and the grils were magically inserted afterward to make the very first image above.

Because of the perpetual motion thing, she was a hard dog to get photos of. IMPOSSIBLE to focus on.

She would always sit still for a hug, though.

It's been a difficult adjustment - I still find myself saving the choicest scraps for her while cooking, I look for her to be peeking at me through her "window" between two fence slats at the gate in the driveway, and I miss hearing her "now come pay attention to me" bark from the laundry room when she comes inside. There are a lot of little things that have changed with her absence.

Here is how I will remember her best:


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