Saturday, December 22, 2012

widdle peoples

Hubby and I are in agreement that the Fisher Price Little People were the best part of our childhood. The Castle, the Service Station, the A Frame Cabin. Lots of houses, and accessories, every tiny little detail on these that made them fantastic.

Best was the little people themselves.  The Pigtail Girls. The Farmer and the School Teacher. When Hubby was a boy, they used to have wars with the peoples (as little boys are wont to do), and the "special forces" were always the Mean Boys - you know the ones: hats on backwards, freckled and scowling...

I've seen many incarnations of home-made "little people," even considered making some for Thing One's wedding cake topper. I did finally make some - for my mother. Let me introduce you to them, starting with:

My youngest brother's family. They live in Connecticut, and we don't get to see them often enough. They need to move to Utah. Right now. My brother, there in the back, looks like he works for the mafia, but he doesn't. Really.

Next up, my younger sister:

She married a fireman. So I painted him red. She's actually missing a people here, I didn't realize it at the time, but Lex rolled under the table and almost got lost... kinda like real life, actually. YOU try keeping track of number six when she's a bright and inquisitive FEARLESS child.

Then comes my fambly:

Hello kiddos!! Eclair looks cute and Hubby has hair!

Then the oldest, my sister Diva:

Her hubby is commonly referred to in the family as "that bald ripped guy..." so yeah, I let him be bald.

Now I have a new problem, an ongoing one. Diva has married off that pink one and the brown one. You might know them as Dorita and El Guapo. Younger sister Peggle has married off her Ellie-mae. And my own Thing One is now wed. So we need some more peoples. Don't forget that Dorita has given birth to Gabby and Pedro. My work will never be done.

These were really simple to do. All the wooden pieces came from Hobby Lobby, and they look like this:

This is what I used for the heads, it's called a ball knob - it's flat on the bottom - this is important.

Adult bodies were candle cups:

obviously, these are upside down like some clown wants to put candles in them or something equally stupid...

Kiddo bodies were made from spools:

Just put heads on bodies with Gorilla glue, wait 24 hrs so they're UNBREAKABLE... then paint! Be careful not to get glue on any part you are going to paint. Don't be sloppy....

If I were to do anything different, I would have primed these puppies with spay paint primer before I started on all the hand painting, it would have gone much faster.

They make a wonderful Christmas gift - don't take much time, and don't take up a lot of space. Grandchildren LOVE them (Lex is always running off to play with my mom's set)
SO, GO!!! Gather supplies and make yerself a fambly!!!!

Jus' don' make 'em cuter than mine.....

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