Saturday, February 27, 2010

but camping is FUN!

Luke Skywalker, here, is not the best camper.

This is a photo from camping last summer. In the summer. When it's warm. And camping includes going swimming or hiking in lava tubes.

Luke Skywalker went camping last night. In February. In Utah. ON a lake, not by a lake, ON a lake. He was cold, and had to do winter camping stuff like look for your gloves every 10 seconds because where did they go?

He came home from camping this after noon. He sat down at the computer and started playing games, and eating snacks. Here is the conversation he had with his sister:

Middle Daughter: Why are so many of your camping snacks left? Didn't you share them with the other scouts?

Luke Skywalker: I did share them. With Caleb. Everyone else was too busy shoving me in the snow where they peed.

That's all folks....

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