Sunday, February 7, 2010

Spaghetti Sauce

Such a quaint title, no? But it is a highly APPROPRIATE title.

First, a little background. Mom is a WONDERFUL cook. Mom has many recipes that I will eternally love, and I am convinced that my future children will request to have when we go visit. But the past month has been...lamentably sad in the food department. Between the funeral at the beginning of January, too much sickness toward the end, the family diet has consisted of ramen, frozen pizza, and basically whatever one can scrounge up once 9PM comes around and you realize you haven't eaten yet. Mom has just not had a chance to cook a real meal.

(A real meal, in this house, is one that has been cooking for long enough for the delicious scent to saturate the house in a heavenly aroma. The kind of heavenly aroma that when you walk in at 11PM from working a 7 hour shift and you smell it, you immediately lament and turn to mother with puppy eyes, "You had ____ without me???")

Now the important part! ME! Not really, but kinda. I offer up myself as an example of how the rest of the family must feel after this sad month of not-so-great food. I have not had much of an appetite the past few weeks. Nothing seems appealing, except perhaps an obscure food that I perchance ate three years ago at that one restaurant that we went to that one time. But even then, it just doesn't SATISFY.

Tonight, I walked in the door from work and smelled the heavenly aroma of Mom's spaghetti sauce. And I was rejuvenated.

As a simple summary: My mom's spaghetti sauce PWNS any other spaghetti sauce on the planet. Because seriously? Would you honestly consider sitting down with a cup of spaghetti sauce and eating it with a spoon? Because that's exactly what I did.

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