Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top Ten Reasons Why It Should Stop Being So Freaking Cold and Be Spring Already.

So, I was listening to KSL this morning while getting people ready for school when the weather report came on. The man said it was 16 degrees.


So I guess winter is not over quite yet after all and that stupid groundhog was right again.

On with the top ten.

Top ten reasons why it should stop being so freaking cold and be spring already:

10. Because I hate wearing gloves.

9. So my dog can stop living in my laundry room and go back outside where she belongs for more than ten minutes at at time.

8. Because Karen looks really bad in those crazy little knitted caps of hers.... (jk karen, you're cute)

7. Because it should take less than 40 minutes to warm up the car in the morning.

6. So I can make my family walk places - imagine the time and money I would save if I didn't spend my whole day running hither and thither picking people up and dropping people off because it's too cold to walk?

5. So I can open some windows and paint my ugly house already!

4. I would like to see something alive and green again before I die...

3. So I can send some of these stir crazy children oustide to play for THE ENTIRE DAY without risking frostbite.

2. The Questar Gas bill. THE OUTRAGEOUS QUESTAR GAS BILL!!!!!!

1. Because I'm tired of it being so freaking cold!

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