Friday, February 5, 2010

Top Ten Reasons Why We Should Start a Blog

10. Other peoples blogs are only nominally more entertaining than shelling peas.
9. Gives me another place to post random photos of eggshells and AstroTurf that I took years ago for some reason that now escapes me.
8. To force me to upgrade my photography skills so people won't think I'm such a ditz.
7. To force me to upgrade my cooking skills so people who live here won't keep saying "Can I make Ramen instead?"
6. Everyone else has one!
5. I have SOOOO much time on my hands and NOTHING better to do.
4. We're funnier than the average turnip.
3. So I can spend even more time hogging the home computer so my kids can't play games on facebook or do their homework.
2. So I can constantly pester my friends with "Have you read my blog??????"
1. Why pass up one more opportunity to embarrass and humiliate my family in public?

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