Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ice Castles (NOT THE MOVIE)

We went to see the Ice Castles at Zermatt resort in Midway last night. Put EVERYONE in the car (FUN!!!!!) and drove 30 minutes through the canyon on icy roads, joy and laughter all the way (actually, bickering and "quit touching me" all the way).

We took lots of pictures.

For you, Aunt Debbie, since you are the only person who reads our blog.
Eclair and Luke Skywalker hamming for the camera. Aren't they cute?

and here is Thing One going through one of the tunnels with her ski poles.

This one is probably 15 feet tall (the biggest was 30 feet tall). This picture taken in daylight, not as good as after the sun went down...wait a minute and I'll show you.

We hiked all over, went through tunnels and generally held up everyone behind us taking silly pictures. Like this one.

I hope you can see and fully appreciate this face. It's awesome.

We talked some nice people into taking this picture for us (sign said no tripods, maybe they're allergic to ice, or disturb the cosmic properties of the ice castles, I don't know).

Thank you Claire, for saving us. Without that lovely smile we might look like a perfectly normal family. Keepin' it real, kid.

So, now we are REALLY COLD (see previous top ten post on COLD!). So, luckily, we are at the amazing Zermatt resort, where they invite us into the beautiful lobby to enjoy the fire and hot gourmet cider. Let's take a look at the family enjoying cider:

The fireplace was very warm. Thawed my frozen backside quite well.

So, the sun went down and we went outside to take these AMAZING photos:

Great, wasn't it! Kinda reminded me of Carlsbad Caverns. Alas, it will all melt away when (IF) it gets warm (maybe August?).

So, the funnest part of the trip was actually on the way there. We were driving past a campsite where Thing Two once went camping with his scout troop. He said and he pointed to the site: "Hey, that's where the cops told us to keep the campfire under 12 feet tall." Also funny was this line from Claire "Hey, Joey's not sharing his groceries!" (he had Sour Patch candy).

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