Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Once upon a time, I LOVED photography. Ate, breathed, loved photography. Here is why:

This photo was shot with a completely manual camera and FILM. Remember film? It was a chance "the sun is going down this could potentially be amazing pull over and just let me take the picture, Matt!" photo. That's my oldest daughter, age 12 holding my baby age 4mos.

I have a lot of photos like this that I love. That made me feel like taking the camera out was worth it. Like I have some small amount of talent and ability, and I knew my f-stops. I could meter in my head, and my camera obeyed my every command.

Then the world went digital.

and ruined my life.

For three years I have been trying in vain to make the digital do what the analog did. Obey me. Just a little? What I see in my head does not appear on the computer, and I spend hours mucking about in photoshop trying to make repairs (repairs that were never needed with FILM).

I don't want to use full auto. It doesn't do what I want it to do. Fooling around with the camera settings has on occasion netted me a photo that I can say I love, but not in the volume of loveable frames I produced with film.

So.........with this blog I'm going to try harder. Find a way to produce what I used to, before digital. I've found to some sites that will make me work harder on photo assignments that make me feel like I'm in school again (that is a good thing).

Maybe someday I'll get to the point when you ask me if I will shoot your wedding, I will say yes. Happily and confident that I won't screw it up.

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SparrowFae said...

I miss using film too. I still have a nice SLR I use, but getting it developed can be expensive. :(