Friday, February 26, 2010


I have some really great friends. One of my really great friends made me some fudge.

This is Bonnie. She made me fudge. I can't post a picture of the fudge, it was gone waaaayyy before a camera could get anywhere near it.

Here is the story of how it disappeared.

Bonnie and I go out to lunch every month. It's her fault. She moved away, and I can't just drop in at her house down the street whenever I want, we have to PLAN now. So when we went to Wallaby's for lunch (don't go there - it's habit forming), she brought me fudge she made just for me (well, not just for me, but she shared so she gets full credit anyway).

After hanging about and chatting for two full hours (yeah, we got nothing better to do) and annoying the staff at Wallaby's so they were wondering if we were EVER going to leave, we said goodbye and she gave me the fudge.

I displayed AMAZING will power and didn't eat it all before we left the parking lot (oh yeah, Thing One is with me, so I have to share....grrrr). We each ate one heavenly mouthwateringly rich piece of fudge. Heaven.

We had to run home and get Middle Daughter for some reason that now escapes me, and when Thing one offers me another piece and helps herself as well, we both start to groan with the utter satisfaction that only good chocolate products can produce, Middle Daughter says "I WANT SOME!!!!!"

"Some what?" I ask her, all innocence.

"Whatever you are having that is so good!"


"I don't know, just GIVE ME SOME!!!!!"

And the fudge is now gone.

The End

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