Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A conversation with....Eclair

Preface: There is a jar of unknown clear fluid on the counter. Tied to a colored pencil is a piece of yarn with a paperclip on the end, this is in the jar. No one knows where the jar came from. Middle Daughter said last night, "Is someone trying to grow sugar crystals?" I said, "I don't know, just leave it alone."

Today, Eclair is playing with the jar.

Mom: "Is that yours?"

Eclair: "Yep. I'm growing something."

M: "What?"

E: "Crystals"

M: "What kind of water are you using?"

E: "Cold."

(At this point I have to leave the room I am laughing so hard)

E: "It used to be hot, but now it's cold, I need to get some more hot."

M: "Honey, that's not going to grow anything, it's not the right kind of water."

E: "What kind of water do I need?"

M: "Special water. We don't have any."

E: "Can we go get some special water?"

No, but we sure have a special Eclair. :)

As a side note:

Bonnie made more fudge.

Bonnie is my bestest friend ever.

I have to go eat more fudge now.

See ya later.

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