Monday, March 22, 2010

Movie Reviews

My two oldest kids work at theaters. One at the real theater, one at the dollar movies. They eat a lot of gratis popcorn and drink too much gratis soda.

So, Karen & I wanted Thing Two to do a movie review, since he sees SO many movies, OVER and OVER again.

So here's Thing Two, reviewing Disney's "Princess and the Frog" which we purchased the day of it's release:

"Turn OFF that STUPID movie!"

"Oh, my gosh! IT SUCKS!"

"If I have to listen to that song again, I'm gonna puke!"

"I can't believe they are watching it AGAIN!!!!!"

"Crap, Mom, can't you make them watch something else?"

"Oh. My. Heck. I'm going to burn that DVD."

and this truly insightful comment:

"They just keep recycling the same voice talent for every character."

Obviously, this isn't an actual review by Thing Two, just a series of comments liked together. It's all I could get from the boy. He was busy. He had a harrowing weekend trying to catch up on all that important X-Box-ing.

Makes you want to run out and buy the DVD and watch it over and over and over and over, doesn't it? Oh, that's right. Everyone I know who has small kids is already doing that.

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