Sunday, March 28, 2010

Security Surveillance Bushes

A conversation with Eclair, while walking home from church:

E: Mom, why do flower bushes have to have thorns on them?

M: That's how they protect themselves, so animals don't eat them.

E: If they had cameras, they wouldn't need thorns.

more, later:

E: I'm so hungry I could eat a.....a......a adult person! Not with hair, though. That would be gross.

and more:

E: I want to dish up ice cream for Mommy because I love her. And 'cause Katie wouldn't do it. Because Katie hates her and will probably dance on her grave. Katie? Will you do that? Because I know Joey will, I asked him and I think he said yes.
( and then she sang "your wish is granted" as she handed me a bowl of ice cream. She loves me.)

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