Friday, March 12, 2010

Haute Coture - Apron Style

Yesterday was gruelling. Had a hard day at work, but the evening's festivities gave me a second wind. Look at these lovely ladies! We all got together for our monthly women's auxillary meeting at the church for birthday cake and bread making. That's my amazing apron display for the fashion show behind them. Thanks to Leslie & Naomi for loaning me cool aprons because I'm sadly lacking in the apron department. They are all so much fun, and look how cute they are! That's Betsy. She rocks anything she wears, and that is an awesome apron. Vintage 70's. Next is Veronica, Amy & Katinia. They all have a Master's Degree in Momming. There is nothing these women cannot do.

This is Alicia. She makes awesome bread. She walked us all through the fastest (and EASIEST AND MOST FOOLPROOF) bread recipe I have ever made. She's wearing a stolen apron.
Not really. Just an old one Albertson's let her keep when she quit working there. She would be mortified if she thought I told you it was stolen. So I didn't. Right? She says she loves the pockets.

That's Jennifer, my wonderful neighbor. She's a real professional: she brought her own stoneware bread pans, the rest of us were using the cheap disposable pans that were part of the invitation to tonite's event. We're all lame but Jen. She's wearing the "Alaska" apron, because she is from Nebraska. (Actually, she is from Alaska, but Alaska and Nebraska rhyme, and they are both remote, so, whatever.)

Christie & her mom, Deanna, making tortellini. Or bread. But if anyone could make tortellini out of bread, it would be Christie. She's got bread dough in the pan, and a bun in the oven. She has amazing, perfect children. I often send my children to her house, hoping some perfection will rub off. Alas, her kids rarely come to my house, allegedly because they are allergic to my cats. We all know it's really because my house is an insane asylum.

Let's take another look at Cute Betsy: This time she's just playing around with bread dough to the general amusement of everyone there. People kept taking pictures of her antics, because she is so cute.

And here's the whole crowd again. But wait......look at Camille there on the far right:


Wow! That's my apron! The one I made in the middle of the night, just for this occassion. Isn't it LOVELY! It was just made out of stuff I had....hanging around. Literally. The skirt used to be drapes.
I think the pom-poms really add to it's overall elegance. The Camouflage waistband and tie is to make your waist disappear. The blue fringe over the gold lame is reminiscent of a Rembrandt I once saw....I would have put bells on, but I couldn't find any.

Let's take one more look at our gullible lovely model, Camille.

A good time was had by all. And the bread was great. I would have posted a photo of it, but perhaps I should post a photo instead of the PEOPLE WHO ATE IT BEFORE I COULD EVEN GET IT OUT OF THE LOAF PANS!

You'd think I never fed them (which I don't).

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Aubrey said...

Love the apron! You are so fun :)