Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thank heaven for unlimited text.

The cell phone bill came yesterday.

Middle daughter got a cell phone for her birthday on March first. The end of the bill cycle was March 8.

I had 66 text messages.

Daddy had 0.

Thing One had 2434.

Thing Two had 866.

Middle Daughter had 3929.

She only had the phone for seven days, she had 3929 text messages.

I'm wondering how it is possible to have that many text messages, eat, sleep, attend school, and all the other things she does all day?

She must be texting in her sleep.

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VitaGirl said...

It's embarrassing when I have more texts than my teenagers. Believe me, it's happened. But I think the record around here was about 10,000 for one child in one month. Couldn't believe it was possible! Sounds like your middle child is gonna surpass that with flying colors!