Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Girl's Day Out

Last Saturday, we ran away from home. Me & my oldest girls, and we kidnapped Middle Daughter's bestie, Wren (she is Cute Betsy's daughter. We would have kidnapped Cute Betsy, also, but she had a previous commitment to drudgery).

So we ran away to the rock show. We like rocks. A lot. Too much. My house is full of rocks (not all of them have fallen out of my children's heads).

And everyone knows the best place to get PRETTY rocks is at the Rock Show. Hosted every year in March by the Timpanogos Gem & Mineral Society at the Spanish Fork Fairgrounds (how's that for a shameless plug). Here's the girls, saying "Why do you need to take a picture of us at the rock show, mom? You're insane."

Well, Wren doesn't mind, but Thing One and Middle Daughter do. They are party poopers.

We need to look at rocks so we can buy some to make jewelry out of! They spent enough of my money that they should be grinning from ear to ear. Grin, ladies, grin! Or I will take away your rocks!
Well, that's a little better, but Middle daughter looks drunk.

Did I mention Wren loves dinosaurs? A little too much it looks like.

That's Dr. Bones, there inside the dino puppet. He's there every year at the rock show, scaring the crap out of little kids. He's scarier when he's wearing this puppet:

Ooooh, Wren. You are brave. Very brave. The next photo needs some explanation:

You see, Thing One has a problem. She can't pose next to a dino unless she is nomming someone.
Middle daughter has the same problem. By the time we left the rock show she was so hungry she started eating her rocks:
She was much happier when she got to nom some good stuff. We went for pizza.
Wren is happy that we are finally going to feed her. But we're not done yet. We next dragged her to Dutch's place and looked at llamas & ducks. I didn't take any pictures of the llamas and ducks, or the emus and donkeys, but that link should give you an idea of what it was like.

We wandered around picturesque Springville until we remembered the antique mall! We could go blow a few hours there!!!!!!

So we did.

Keep kissing it, girls. You just might get somewhere.

Here's some of the day's loot:
Obviously, this is Eclair's loot. She insisted I show you her lovely display because that's what she's all about. She was quite thrilled by the seashell with the googly eyes glued on that she won at the spinning wheel. And the mini-rex necklace on the right there. EVERY girl should have one of those.

Here's what I found at the antique mall:

That's it, my crazy obsession. I collect Salt & Pepper shakers. Unique, old ones, and they can't be identical. I'll post some other finds one of these days, I have a few gems.

And here it is! The product of our hours of looooooking at rocks. Look what I made!

Ooohhh. Pretty rocks. Shiny rocks. (expensive rocks, sometimes) I'm insane enough that I'm thinking right now, "maybe I'll take that apart and hang that center pendant differently, perhaps...

That's all, folks.

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