Sunday, October 24, 2010

Barely Posting....again. And who is the madwoman on the ladder?

Here I am again, doing better I suppose since it is only 10:35 pm as I post today....

Here's what I made this week for my front door. Yes. It is lame. But it is colorful and Halloween-ish. So there it is.
Frame from Box o' random frames under the piano.
"Happy Halloween" sparkly foam cutout from dollar store
Green feather boa and skeleton heads also from dollar store.

Total cost for dimensional sparkly fluffy sign with skulls?
What are you muttering over there? Waste of three dollars? Really! I am appalled. It is all part of my EVIL PLAN...

It SHOULD make you wanna run right out and make something for your door just as SCARY. 'Cause if it's scary enough, the little people will be too afraid to ring your bell and THERE WILL BE MORE CANDY LEFT OVER FOR YOU!!! If it were me, parent to trick-r-treater child, and I saw such a lame looking thing on the door, I'd just make my kids keep walking...."Sorry sweetie, let's skip this house....dorky people live here, they won't have any good candy. They'll just give you Dots!"

And here's what I did today (other than hide in bed and curse my arthritis) instead of blogging (actually it's Thing One taking over after I almost took a header off the ladder):

Doesn't that look like fun? So you will get a REAL post tomorrow morning, not a lame middle of the night post like you've had to endure all weekend. A tutorial of how to do this awesomeness and create it's occupants with a little help from Eclair.

And the punkin chili? Yeah, I'll finish that post this week also...didn't mean to leave you hanging.

Tune in tomorrow for more fun!

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