Friday, October 15, 2010

Fine Portraiture, Part Two


SO here's  something Halloween that is completely unrelated to the subject of this post:
She's a Tribble. And she's holding my phaser. 
And if you don't know what that means, you need to go watch Star Trek. Now.


We recently took our annual family picture. We do this every year in the fall, and about the same time I do portraits for my wonderful friends & family so they can send me a Christmas card. My goal is to have every Christmas card I receive enclose a photo that I took. So I been kinda busy. Taking pitchers of everyone I know and their wonderful kids.

When it came time to do my own kids, something completely different happened. My kids don't like it when I take their pitchers. It took me 90 minutes to do my family, and less than thirty to do the family I scheduled for right after our portrait. And the other family had more kids than we do. I have evil childern.

I'd like to share some examples with you -- we'll start of a couple normal kids as control:

Normal Child
Normal Child
Unfortunately, my child.

Normal Child
MY child, who is apparently Queen of the Rock

Normal Child
My child, again.
Normal Child
My child
Insane Niece masquerading as a normal child

My Oldest Child
Normal children

My lovely daughters....
Adorable normal child

My attractive boys

Sweet little sisters

Brothers demonstrating a headlock. 

Normal sweet child.

When will this end?

Looks like they like each other, the normal family.
I have no response for that. The normal family. There are limits, you know. That family looks SO good that I wouldn't want to screw it up by posting our disastrous photo. Maybe if you get lucky, I'll send you one for Christmas. Hope that I don't. You really don't want to see what happens when I put the camera on a tripod, walk away and hope for the best. Maybe next time I'll try one of those electronic dog collar things on each of the kids -- I could press the button and force simultaneous smiles. Gonna have to look into that....

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Avima said...

Okay, so while you have some quirky, super fun pics of your kids doing weird things and making faces, you have some seriously amazing ones of them too. You should start an album of tongue photos though. My nieces and nephews LOVE to show them for some bizarro reason.