Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Candy Top Ten

Halloween is always fun. You never quite know what might happen.

Like maybe you'll be pursued by ZOMBIES in the grocery store.

And giant skeletal creepy guys will walk the streets of your neighborhood...

Luke Skywalker and his cousin always go trick or treating together. Always. Since forever. And this is their last year. They are twelve, and that's the cutoff year in our family, too old to beg the neighbors for candy. So they went EVERYWHERE. And beyond. The haul was most excellent.

While they were evaluating and trading their spoils, we made up this pair of top ten lists.

Top Ten Things Twelve-year-old Boys LOVE:
10: Whoppers
9: Charleston Chew
8: Caramels
7: Laffy Taffy
6: Pixie Sticks
5: Starbursts
4: Life Savers
3: Twizzlers
2: Chips or popcorn
1: FULL SIZE CANDY BARS. Any candy bars, really.

Top Ten Things TwelveYear Old Boys HATE:
10: Gummy Body Parts (Yuk. A few of those this year...)
9: Unknown candy bars like Payday and Milky Way
8: Chicka Stix
7: Spider rings
6: Dum Dums
5: Fruit. Exceptions: Candied Apples or Chocolate Oranges
4: Sweet Tarts
3: Mini size candy bars (seriously? these are the size of a lemon drop), or fun sized (what's fun about less candy?)
2: People who run out of candy before 8pm
1: DOTS.

p.s. don't worry. I outran the zombies quite easily. I've been practicing. I have a zombie plan. Do you?

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