Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Name That Tomb

One of the stupidest things we do to decorate for Halloween is to make our front yard look like a cemetery. Why? I have no idea. We are sheep. We are incapable of independent thought. We do the same stupid thing as everyone else. Well, except for our windows. Those are epic. But yeah. Tombstones.

The first tombstones to appear in our yard were made of cardboard. Surprisingly, they have survived many, many years. Most of them, anyway. Only half actually. They are lame. Mostly.

We have improved since those early day. Just a bit. We blatantly stole my sister Peg's tombstone quotes, because she's a certified genealogist and she found quotes from REAL headstones that were cooler than anything you could make up.

And then there is my favorite quote from 

And then there is this poor lonely tombstone.

 We need your help. Will you give it a name? We have run out of original ideas. Time to be more that a follower and be a contributor! Leave a comment and we will choose one of your suggestions to complete this poor bare stone....

Over and out.


Ellie said...

Funny! You could do something about the common threats we give children: If you stick you head out the window it'll fall off; or, Don't eat the seeds or the plant will grow out your ears... Good luck. I mentioned your blog in a post today. :)

Calandreya said...

a hero

DJ said...

How'bout... "I didn't know it was loaded" or "So this is what happens when you run with scissors" or "Quit makin' all that racket or else you'll wake the dead!"... I could keep going but, nawwww... :D

dalene said...

I don't have a name, but I finally decided what I want written on my tombstone. "A lifetime of eating raw eggs in cookie dough and it was _______________ (insert cause of death here) that finally got me?!"

Brittanie said...

here are some real ones:

Larne, Ireland - On a hanged sheep stealer

Here lies the body of

Thomas Kemp.

Who lived by wool

and died by hemp.

Falkirk, England


Here lie the bones of Joseph Jones

Who ate while he was able.

But once overfed, he dropt down dead

And fell beneath the table.

When from the tomb, to meet his doom,

He arises amidst sinners.

Since he must dwell in heaven or hell,

Take him - whichever gives the best dinners.

On a dentist:

Stranger tread

This ground with gravity.

Dentist Brown

Is filling his last cavity.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Boot Hill Cemetery, Tombstone, Arizona

Here lays Butch.

We planted him raw.

He was quick on the trigger

But slow on the draw.