Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lil' Indy

Halloween 1998 was a little over the top. I had gone completely crazy with the Freedom Festival Baby Contest making the Scarlet & Melanie dresses, the Eliza Doolittle Ascot dress, and one other costume I will yet reveal. And I made this wonderful costume for the baby Luke Skywalker:

It's hard to tell because of the poor quality of this print, but he's wearing a real leather jacket. I bought a men's leather jacket at Savers, ripped out the seams, cut down the pieces, then sewed it back together again. I even re-used the wonderful lining fabric -- it had maps of the world printed on it. His fedora was too big, so I had to hot glue rolled up sheets of felt into the band - this worked great. 

Fast forward eleven years:

Had to be Indy again, I think only so he could get a hold of my Army/Navy store whip.

And Eclair, there? Looks like she know's what's really important here.


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