Monday, October 25, 2010

I didn't mean to lie....


Because stuff like this:

happens. And some days I don't get anywhere near my computer.
At top, big trunk pulled out of the ground, and four pieces of the tree that smashed one panel of fence over and shifted another 3 feet off it's post (and broke the post, of course).

There is the biggest part of the tree that has been dragged back into our yard. As you can see in the top photo, it narrowly missed hitting the neighbor's house. It was such a LOVELY torrential downpour and thunderstorm last night. With a side order of WIND. 

And the power went out while I was writing what was supposed to be today's post. So here I am posting too late in the day again.

And it's Bonnie's birthday today. I posted four You Tube videos on her FB page just to be annoying, and I must mention it here as well:

On to today's late post.

As you could see from last night's sneak preview, we made an amazing spiderweb yesterday. I wasn't my idea, it was Erin at  Crafts and Sutch . Very, very clever.

It was quite simple, really. Pushpins around the outer edges, a large nail in the center. Start by tying your black yarn to the nail, and loop back and forth from push pin to nail until you have a web. Then, starting from the center, string the spiral, wrapping once around each of the "spokes," gradually increasing the distance between each spiral. Very, very cool. Erin does a very detailed tutorial at her blog, click the link above if you'd like to check that out.  This is on a pretty big wall, and I wish we had done it earlier so we could enjoy it longer.

And Eclair made inhabitants for the epic spiderweb.

Materials needed:
Black pipe cleaners (or as the packaging says "fuzzy sticks" 
because apparently it is politically incorrect to clean pipes anymore)
Google eyes & glue
Person with short legs and little crafting skills

 Start with four pipe cleaners if you want your spiders to have eight legs. For mutant spiders, use however many you would like. Holding all four together, bend them in half. You must make the face below while bending.
 Take the loopy part at the top, and twist it a couple times.
 Here's what it should look like at this point:
 Bend your spiders legs to make a knee and an ankle.
Glue on google eyes and give them a name. 
We made the baby spider by cutting two pipe cleaners in half and starting with four shorter pieces.

Add spiders to spiderweb. Enjoy.

Now here's the funny part: Eclair put one of her spiders on Hubby's leg while he was watching tv and not paying attention. When Hubby finally noticed, he screamed. It was wonderful.

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Jenn Mobbs said...

Very cool!! I am tempted to try this next year...