Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lost Blogger Returns Bearing Fruit-erm, Candy!

No, your eyes do not deceive you--I have returned! Yes, despite all evidence to the contrary, I STILL am (supposedly) a contributor to this blog. But before you all go shaking your heads at the slacker college aged student, in my defense, there is a valid reason.

Mom told me I couldn't.

Apparently I'm not funny enough. Mother told me this back in July when I happened to have something trivial I wanted to share with you.

"Is it funny?"
"I think so."
"Because we have to be funny. Or crafty. Is it a craft?"
"Then it has to be funny."

The draft of my post from that day lies abandoned on our blogger dashboard.

See? I wasn't NEGLECTING the blog, I was FORBIDDEN to post. Okay, slight exaggeration, but still! There was a reason my first sentence was "Mean mom!"

As a summary of my activities in the past...forever, I went to Disney World, got a new job, went to stuff.

SO! In order to be allowed to post in October, Mom said I had to post something...Halloween-ish. So I've been instructed to post instructions on our Candied Corn Pops. Normally this is something we save for Christmas and distribute to the masses. Why she's having me post in October....well, I never claimed to know what my mother is thinking.

This stuff is pure gold, JUST so you know. This recipe has been passed to so many of my friends because, frankly, it's addictive. This post is dedicated to my friend Adrianne, as this is one of her favorites and I love her, and I am hoping this will cheer her after her unfortunate car accident the other day.



1 1/3 cubes butter (do not substitute margarine. Real butter is always best)
1 Cup sugar
2T (big T means Tablespnoon) corn syrup
3T water
1 tsp Vanilla

Melt butter in a saucepan. Look at it. How exciting. I CANNOT STRESS TO YOU HOW IMPORTANT IT IS THAT YOU NOT USE MARGARINE. BUTTER. B-U-T-T-E-R. I learned this last week while making another recipe for our home made french toast syrup that....turned interesting.

Add all other ingredients and bring to a low boil. Stir occasionally. Do not walk away and try to multi-task. This is how I've charred the bottom of most of our saucepans w/ rice.

After three minutes, it will start to get all white & bubbly (which you cannot tell from these photographs because mom used natural light and it has a yellow cast, plus mom tried to multi-task and it got a little overcooked and isn't really white) and clumps instead of drizzling from the whisk. Pull off heat and add vanilla. It is ready.

Next, you grab your giant bag of THIS:

This giant bag of stuff is like a strange combination of Cheetos and popcorn, except no kernels. If you can't find this or a similar product at your local grocery store, that's okay, I make lamb. Not really, but I'm sure you can substitute regular popcorn...I think. We've never actually tried, but I don't see it making a huge difference. Use about half of the bag, give or take how saturated with sugar you want it.

Drizzle syrup over the pops and stir to coat evenly. Again, it is a little dark because of the multi-tasking and all....

Finally, you bag it up and tie it with a ribbon. Typically, when we handed it out at Christmas (again, not sure why we're posting in OCTOBER, mom!), we bagged it up in those little mylar bags that are decorated with little Christmas trees and such. I assume there's something similar for Halloween with spiders or pumpkins or whatever.

Go forth. Eat. Overdose.

ETA: This post was edited 12-23-2010 because we discovered that the recipe is wrong. :0


Adrianne said...


Oh how I do love you. Haha. This totally made me feel better. Maybe that's why your mom made you post it. Cause she knew it would make me feel better after my ordeal. (: And now that I have this recipe, I will definitely be having it at some point, even if it's NOT for Christmas.

Love, Adrianne. (:

Jenn Mobbs said...

Sure wish I still work at Smith's in Provo b/c I LOVE that stuff too. Would love to be a victim of you giving out to the masses!