Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Many Adventures of Chicken boy

We used to have chickens. It's a really long story involving Y2K and science fair experiments, and I can't do it justice today. Luke Skywalker loved the chickens. LOVED THE CHICKENS. I don't think you really could possibly understand yet;
He used to get up in the morning and sneak outside to visit them. How did I know, if he was sneaking? Because I could hear him. He talked to them "baaaaawk bawk bawk." He did a mean chicken imitation. He used to put them in the wagon and take them for a ride. He would feed them oatmeal cookies. And of all wonderful possibilities, they loved him back.

So it was obvious what he should be for Halloween.

That's my chicken-boy with his favorite hen, Chickie-laka. (Don't ask me, I didn't name these creatures. The ones I named had sensible names like "Orange Chicken" and "Black Pepper Chicken")

What do you think of my fat little chicken costume? I was going for a yellow version of Foghorn Leghorn here. It had yellow dish washing gloves to go over his shoes, but those are Hot Wheels shoes, and no way are we covering those up! What could you possibly be thinking? Plus, he couldn't walk so good with giant gloves on his feet. So let's pretend that he's some kind of hybrid chicken with wheels.....still not working. Oh well.

He looked adorable. That's something he's never had a problem with, the looking adorable. And this next picture is my FAVORITE HALLOWEEN PICTURE OF ALL TIME:

I have some more animal costume photos to post for those of you who prefer "beef." Stay tuned. And tell your friends! Make us feel validated and post this on your Twitter or FaceBook if you think it's fun enough to share.
I'm craving Tootsie Rolls now for some strange reason....

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Debbie said...

He looks drunk on candy!