Friday, October 29, 2010

running out of steam...

Was supposed to carve punkins tonite. Too tired. Up until 3am last nite making Teen Girl Squad costumes for Screamapillar and her 3 BFF's and a corset for Thing One.




Must carve punkins......

Or cheat.
And just share the ones from last year.

Here they ARRR:

My favorites are the malicious looking one at center right bottom row, and the grotesquely shaped one on the very far right. The one with holes drilled in it. With the drill. Cause I'm a cheater like that. By the time I get to the last pumpkins, I'm desperate for something quick & easy. Like the drill.

If you haven't carved yer punkins yet, get moving. You're out of time.

And a reminder: the best site for ideas (in my humble opinion) is ZOMBIE PUMPKINS.

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